Course Duration: 4 Day’s

Course Cost: From £410.00 + VAT

This four day training course covers the requirements of BS 7671 for periodic inspection & testing, and is designed to prepare candidates for both the written and practical examinations.

Candidates gain the skills and knowledge necessary to actually perform the inspection and testing procedures and are able to practice on purpose-built training rigs which simulate electrical installations.

The course is both theory and practical based and will cover:

•    Introduction to Inspection & Testing
•    Requirements of 17th Edition Wiring Regulations for inspection & testing
•    Using Guidance Note 3
•    Inspection
•    Compliance with relevant legislation
•    Determine suitability of installations
•    Order of tests
•    Use of test equipment & testing procedures
•    Test result verification
•    Continuity of protective conductors
•    Insulation resistance tests
•    Polarity and Earth electrode tests
•    Earth fault loop impedance tests
•    RCD tests
•    Other types of tests & IP ratings
•    Exam Preparation

The written exam dates for this qualification are set by City & Guilds and we aim to provide this training to you as close to the exam date as is possible. Following this training course, you will undertake a written exam on a pre-designated date (Examinations are closed book) and this exam is externally marked.

Practical assessment will take place during the four days training where possible.

Subject to availability of our Assessors and if preferred by the candidate, we can arrange for the practical aspect of this qualification to be completed before the written results are determined however, the full certificate for this qualification cannot be awarded until all aspects of this award have been completed successfully.

This qualification will not provide unit accreditation if you are successful in only one exam/assessment.

Candidates are provided with course notes to guide them. We also recommend that you obtain a copy of:

•    IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition
•    IEE Onsite Guide
•    Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing

In addition, City & Guilds can provide details of The Chief Examiners’ Report. This has been introduced as a result of feedback from centres, to give them guidance in preparing candidates for the written examination but this may also be of use to those of you who have previously sat and been unsuccessful in the written aspect of this qualification.

*Permitted exam materials: Non-programmable calculator and Drawing Instruments.

Courses are held: Monday to Thursday
All Course Times are: 09.00am -16.00pm
Exam Times are: 18.00pm-20.00pm

To book a course, Please call us on: 01792 379 023.

*South Wales Electrical Training can provide local accommodation at £30 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.